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Here at Chiropractor Bramhall, we love sports . We thrive on helping people recover from injuries and help you improve performance. With improved biomechanics and movement patterns injury risk reduces and performance can improve whether training for a 5k or winning the Tour de France.

Sport is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy but if adequate steps are not taken there is an increased risk of strain and injury. Our sports injury clinic in Bramhall can not only provide treatment for existing conditions and injuries but can also help to keep you pain-free out on the playing field.

Why not learn more about our team and what we do before booking an appointment? Working with clients across Stockport and the surrounding areas, our Chiropractor has a bachelors degree specifically in sports injuries and has over 10 years of experience in treating athletes of all levels.

What Are The Benefits Of Chiropractic For Sport?


Improved biomechanics


Reduced risk of future injury


Improved performance


Better understanding of your own body


Non invasive/drug free treatment

Many professional athletes have sought the help of chiropractors. However, the benefits can be just as important for amateur athletes. Whether you are training for a 5k fun run or a race, we can help you to prepare. Chiropractors unique understanding of how the body works means we treat the cause of your pain and not just the symptoms.  Tapping into the bodies natural healing power, our chiropractors will use a range of techniques to alleviate pain and speed up the recovery process- ensuring you are performing at your best.

What We Can Treat

Chiropractic specialises in neuro-musculoskeletal injuries, including prevention. This is why more and more professional and amateur sportsmen and women are utilising chiropractic treatment. Our sports injury specialists can treat a wide range of sport injuries, including joint, tendon/ligament and soft tissue damage as well as support long-term rehabilitation.

Furthermore, Chiropractor Bramhall can also help you to prevent sporting injuries with a treatment programme that looks a variety of factors. This includes finding out how well your joints are moving, and how your muscles, ligaments and fascia are functioning. After doing this, we can then use a range of techniques to keep you totally sport fit, including:


Manipulation and Mobilisations


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization


Rehabilitation / Movement Therapies


Soft Tissue Therapy


Self Care Advice

Which Sports Can Benefit From Chiropractic?

It is common practice for professional athletes and teams to utilise Chiropractic to ensure they perform at their best.  Whether that injury is new or an old nagging problem, we use up to date techniques to help speed up the recovery and educate how to prevent further injuries.

Whether team or individual, elite or amature almost all sports people can benefit from chiropractics.




Basket Ball




















Weight lifting

Don’t suffer in silence

If you have any questions about our sports injury clinic and the service we offer in the Bramhall, Stockport, and the surrounding areas and how we can help you, please get in touch. Our team are always happy to talk you through your options and discuss the services we can offer.

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What Our Customers Say

After picking up an injury during a fight I needed to seek expert advice which is exactly what I found with Jordan. Jordan explained in detail what I was experiencing and gave me a rehabilitation plan which included strengthening and stretching the problem area his professional manner and honesty are the reason I will  always be using him.
I highly recommend Jordan as you know your in great hands of someone who cares for there clients if you are in any sport you should invest in a chiropractor and Jordan is the one you should invest in. All in all 5 star rating from me
Carl Burton

Professional MMA Fighter, Macclesfield

After several surgeries and extensive rehabilitation during my football career I was really struggling with my ankle pain and its limited mobility. It seemed to be having a drastic knock on effect through to my knee and then my hip. Dr Gregory treated me 6 times and both the pain and mobility improved dramatically. I have decided to manage my old injuries through regular care and it has had an unbelievable effect on my general wellbeing. I would highly recommend Dr Gregory and Chiropractor Bramhall

Sam Williamson

Professional Footballer, Wilmslow

As a bodybuilding athlete doing year round competitions, I am regularly in training usually 6 days a week. No matter how experienced you are, the odd injuries and niggles are just part and parcel of it all. But Jordan has been my chiropractor for many years now to “fix” these little injuries and niggles. And I always know I am well on the road to recovery ready to train again. Jordan is incredibly competent, knowledgeable and experienced that I have no problem recommending so many people to see him over the years. And all of these people have been so happy with Jordan’s help too. Five stars from me.
Walter Rajah

Professional Body Builder, Stockport

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