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Back Chiropractor

Back pain – in particular, lower back pain – is by far the most common problem chiropractors treat, with 80% of us suffering at some point in our busy lives.

As a leading back pain specialist in Stockport, Chiropractor Bramhall can help to eliminate your back pain by treating its root cause, rather than relying on medication.

We will work with you to understand the nature of your back pain and provide the appropriate treatment programme to reduce inflammation, improve function and minimise its impact on your day-to-day life.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

The low back (Lumbar spine) is made up of 5 bones (vertebrae). They are the largest of all the vertebrae, as they must bear most weight. The lower back naturally curves inward towards the abdomen. This inward curve is called a lordosis. Low back pain is by far the most common problem Chiropractors treat, with 80% of us suffering at some point during their lives. Chiropractic aims to treat the root cause of the pain rather than just masking it with medications.

The most common cause of low back pain is repetitive “micro-traumas” which slowly build up and eventually create a major event. This can happen when picking something small up or getting up from a chair. Once the damage has occurred the local nerves send signals to the brain indicating damage, which responds by activating local muscles to spasm so the area is protected. This spasm can sometimes be just as painful as the actual injured area, however as things heal this will slowly alleviate.

Some patients suffer from recurrent episodes usually have an underlying weakness and/or have failed to make certain changes day to day. Therefore it is crucial that all aspects of life, work and hobbies are looked into and risk factors identified.

Tips for Back Pain Prevention


Maintain a healthy diet and weight


Stay active (consult the Chiropractor first)


Improve / maintain correct posture


Wear supportive shoes (Girls, chuck the heels)


Quit smoking


Sleep with a neutral spine

How We Can Help

If you are looking for bad back treatment in Stockport or surrounding areas, then let our team of back pain specialists in Bramhall help you. At Chiropractor Bramhall we work with all types of back pain, whether it’s a trapped nerve, a pulled muscle or an on-going niggle that’s causing problems with your daily routine.  Our personalised treatment programme not only treats your physical symptoms but also addresses any contributing factors that are not allowing your body to heal.

We will also help you to maintain this healing and prevent further injury by providing advice on therapeutic exercises and lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your everyday and working life.

Treatments That We Offer


Manual manipulation and gentle spinal adjustments


Physical therapy


Soft tissue massage


Therapeutic exercises

Your treatment plan may also include dietary and lifestyle advice for you to continue at home in order to maintain healing and your long-term back health. To make an appointment for a back pain assessment and to see how Chiropractor Bramhall can help you, get in touch.

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What Our Customers Say

A trip to the steak restaurant which ended up with a cracked tooth and a lock jaw. My dentist luckily, was aware Jordan had experience treating TMJ (jaw) injuries. Jaws, backs, necks, he’s the Guru!!!!

Carol Smith


Sitting at computer for 8 hours a day plus driving to and from work I slowly developed a hump in my upper back. After several treatment sessions and an exercise program I gradually started standing straighter and my posture improved dramatically.

Wesley Walker


Jordan has consistently been putting my body back together for 6 years now. Being a tree surgeon I have had Neck pain, elbow pain, foot pain and low back pain to name just a few. There has not been a time when he has not helped me out.

Bill Wood

Heald Green

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