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Treatments for Shoulder Pain in Bramhall


Dealing with Shoulder Pain

If you are struggling to cope with shoulder-related pain, Chiropractor Bramhall can help you with fast, effective pain relief. The shoulder joint can be vulnerable to strain, injury and damage as well as general wear and tear, which can all lead to pain, weakness and stiffness. As a leading shoulder pain specialist covering Stockport and surrounding areas, we can help to eliminate a range of conditions, including frozen shoulder, by treating the root cause. Chiropractors are commonly sought for back and neck pain, however it is common practice to treat a range of shoulder complaints. Shoulder pain can come from irritation from the joint or from the soft tissue. Our chiropractor team will support you to resolve your shoulder condition through a full assessment, personalised treatment and effective aftercare to get – and keep – you moving and pain-free.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, allowing for a wide range of actions from the arm and hand. It is made up of bone as well as associated muscles, ligaments and tendons and all of these structures can become irritated and create pain. There are a range of conditions and factors that can lead to shoulder pain. As well as injury such as dislocation, arthritis can be a problem as can other conditions that cause inflamed tendons, stiffened joints or swollen bursa sacs. Trapped nerves can also create severe pain, while a common condition called frozen shoulder can make the whole joint extremely difficult to move. Even repetitive or over-use of the shoulder joint can result in chronic pain.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition where the joint can become stiff and painful. These symptoms can develop over time. Treatment involves exercises, mobility techniques and soft tissue work.

How a Chiropractor Can Help


Chiropractic is a respected alternative treatment for shoulder-related pain. Chiropractor Bramhall can provide advice and treatment if you are suffering from:


Recurring shoulder pain


Inability to use the arm


Night pain or while resting


Unable to raise the arm

After a full assessment, we will be able to put together a treatment plan for your shoulder pain, which could include manipulation, mobility techniques, soft tissue work and targeted exercises to keep your shoulder supple, mobile and pain-free.

To find out how the team at Chiropractor Bramhall can help to relieve your shoulder pain condition, contact us today or click below to book an initial assessment.

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What Our Customers Say

Falling off my bike created a large lump on my shoulder. An X-ray diagnosed an AC joint sprain. My options were surgery or conservative treatment. My GP sent me to see Dr Gregory and he explained my prognosis in detail. Strapping, exercises and hands on therapy allowed us to make progress. I was back on my bike within weeks. Thanks!!!

Jim Kinglsey

Heald Green

I walk out like I’m on cloud 9. The best Chiropractor around and I’ve seen a few. He will accommodate around your diary where possible and is always on time. I have referred my whole family, no better testimonial than that.

Ryan Thomas

Hazel Grove

Eye pain and headaches have followed me around for years. If I looked into a bright light or sat on the sofa wrong my head would start hurting. I spoke to a friend who Dr Gregory had helped and decided to give it a go. A week of watching YouTube videos of Chiropractors was helpful so I knew what was coming. I couldn’t believe how it felt after treatment, instant relief and no pain during. Don’t let people put you off, it’s the absolute opposite of what some people make out. INSTANT relief!!!!!!

Carol West

Alderley Edge

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