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Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic

Take sometime to read our FAQs and fully understand the benefits of chiropractics for your overall health and wellbeing. If you still have questions then get in touch and talk to our team.

How long does treatment take?
The first visit takes around 45 minutes and the follow on visits average around 15-20minutes. Our Chiropractor will take as long as necessary with each individual patient.  Find out more about what to expect at Chiropractor Bramhall.
Is chiropractic safe?
The risk associated with chiropractic care is extremely low and side effects are very rare. Some patients will feel slightly stiff and achy following treatment but that is part of the process.
How long will I need to come?
Treatment frequency will depend on the severity and how long the problem has been present. Your fitness level, occupation and age will also be a factor when designing a suitable treatment plan.
Will the pain come back?
We are determined to keep you pain free, however if you regress into bad habits it is inevitable the pain will creep back. The Chiropractor will go through different strategies to keep you healthy and pain free.
What is the difference between Chiropractors and Osteopaths?
The main difference is historic. This is where the philosophy, rationale and technique all differ. Chiropractic training has a greater emphasis on neurology and diagnostic imaging. Nevertheless, the two professions have become much closer over the last 20 years and both professions are regulated similar to medicine. It is important you trust any practitioner, whether that’s a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist.
Are there any exercises I can do?
The rehabilitation phase is crucial, however the Chiropractor will direct you when is the best time to start certain exercises. This stage is fundamental when trying to prevent further occurrences of the problem.
Am I too old?

No. We regularly treat patients as old as 90, albeit with modified techniques.

Do you treat children?
Yes, we treat children. Again this will require a different set of techniques but with a very similar outcome
Does it hurt?
If an area is inflamed, treatment can sometimes ache afterwards. This response following treatment usually last between 1 and 3 days, with the majority of patients improving much sooner. We will never push a patient past where they would like to go.
What is the popping sound?
Chiropractors sometimes administer Chiropractic adjustments, which is often associated with a “popping” sound. This sound is called a “cavitation” and it is the result of a bubble of gas inside the joint fluid popping as the pressure inside a joint changes.
What about my GP?
Your GP does not need to refer you. If necessary and with your consent we will contact your GP and keep them updated with your progress.
Is Chiropractic available on the NHS?
Only in certain areas of the UK. It should be more widely available but unfortunately that is not the case yet.
Will health insurance cover my treatment?
Most insurance companies will cover the costs, please refer back to our Fees page and that will provide detailed information.

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What Our Customers Say

I never expected to be able to live a normal life again after I was hit from behind by a van going 50mph. I sustained severe whiplash and a trauma to my shoulder. Dr Gregory initially sent me home with advice and explained it would be sensible to start treatment when we would see most benefits from the sessions. I appreciated his honesty and gladly went back a week later. From there I have never looked back.

Wendy North


5 years ago I felt a pain that I can only describe as frightening. A sharp intense shooting pain continued down my leg for 6 months. I was facing surgery which they planned to fuse two bones in my back together. I tried everything and out of shear desperation called Dr Gregory’s office. He explained if it was going to work I had to follow instructions and be patient. Thankfully I did and 3 months on I was 80% pain free. No surgery and no sciatica.

Heather Hall


Guitars can do nasty things to your shoulder and neck. I would not be able to still gig if I had not got the help from Dr Gregory. Who knew your neck could also cause headaches. Keep rocking Jordan

Lee Kenwright


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